Raising Beef Cattle for Profit – 3 Factors To Increase Revenue

raising beef cattle for profit

Raising Beef Cattle for Profit – 3 Factors To Increase Revenue


Raising beef cattle for profit is probably the most progressive business ventures you can invest your money on. Food, being a necessity, will have constant high demands from people all over the world. Cattle breeders and farmers all agree that it is not that hard to reap the benefits of raising cattle as they yearly earn more profit than most businesses. You just have to be patient with raising your beef cattle, a good amount of money to invest on materials and the cattle, the knowledge on how the business runs and how to make the most out of this venture.

There are many strategies cattle farmers and breeders might do when raising beef cattle for profit but if you are new to the industry, here are some 3 tips on how you can sell better and earn more income from your beef cattle farm.


Improving the value and weight of Culls

Based on the analysis from Iowa Beef Cow Business Records, over the last six years, about 21% of the revenue from this industry came from selling culls. 21% is not something that you should ignore as it can represent significant amounts of revenue for your farm. Therefore, selling culls with great value and weight can provide great increase in you revenues. But this should not mean that you need to sell culls immediately. The best strategy you can do is to sell culls during peak seasons when the prices are at their best. The months of October until December are when the lowest prices for culls are due to saturation of the market. February to March is the best times to sell your culls as prices range from $3-$4 higher per cwt than other months. And because culls are priced according to cwt or hundredweight increasing your culls weight can increase its value and therefore give you better revenue when raising beef cattle for profit.


Lessen Protein Supplement Intake

Some cattle farmers choose to feed their cattle protein supplements when raising beef cattle for profit. Some think that protein supplements can help increase the weight, value and health of the cattle. Some cattle farmers feed their cattle protein supplements at least once or twice a day. There have been researches that showed similar results with a group of cattle that there were given hay diet to a group of cattle that were fed protein supplements. Therefore, hay and protein supplements can very much do the same thing for cattle. Hay definitely costs less than protein supplements which can help you save on production costs. Protein supplements suppliers won’t need to deliver frequently to your farm and you won’t have to spend so much for it anymore.


Feeding Grain Byproducts

It has been found out that grain distillers are a great source of energy as well as minerals that cows need such as phosphorus and protein. Feeding your cattle grain byproducts can help reduce your costs as it is a feed that can already provide the cattle most of the things that they need to become healthy and increase their value. Grain byproducts are often the cheapest during summertime which is the best time to buy them. Most cattle farms feed the cattle grass during these months thus the lower grain byproduct prices. You can store wet grain products and use during the wintertime when grass is less abundant in some areas. This can help you cave money on feeds when raising beef cattle for profit.

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