Tips On Raising Cattle On A Small Farm

raising cattle on a small farm

Tips On Raising Cattle On A Small Farm


If you think that cattle can only be raised by people who have huge lands, then you better think again. There are actually plenty of people who are raising cattle on a small farm. And though they do not command a high profit margin as the larger scaled operations, these small-scale cattle farms do not require as much attention and work as the bigger farms. If you are thinking of raising cows on your own small farm, here are a couple of tips that could help guarantee that you turn up a decent profit even on just a few heads of cattle.

What Are Your Reasons for Raising Cows?

Knowing what your reasons for raising cows will let you know just how many cows you can keep. If you plan on raising cattle on a small farm for their beef, then you need at least 2 acres of land for a small herd. If you plan on raising dairy cows instead, they do not need to graze as much so you will need a smaller amount of land for a similar number of cows.


What Breed Are You Planning on Keeping?

Knowing what your reasons for raising cattle on a small farm will also help you determine what kind of cows you will be raising in your small farm. If you are raising them for their beef, then you need to choose cows that can get to the right weight for the market faster; since you do not have the capacity of turning out a massive profit at one time, you need to compensate by quickly raising cows to a marketable weight, and then selling them off in quick succession.


Do You Have Enough of A Budget for Keeping Cows?

Not only are the calves expensive, you also need to make sure that you are able to provide the upkeep for your small herd until they are able to turn up a profit. Cows are rather large beasts and they get that way by eating a lot of grain and hay, and they also drink more than 12 gallons of water each day. In the spring and summer months you do not have to worry about feed too much; but when the colder part of the year comes over, you need to have plenty of grains and hay when raising cattle in a small farm.


Get the Services of a Good Livestock Doctor

You only have a couple of heads of cattle, so you losing even one of them to disease will greatly affect your profit. So you need to get a veterinarian do regular checkups on your herd to make sure that each and every one of them are as healthy as can be.


If you think that raising cattle on a small farm is just like raising them in a large ranch, but scaled down, then you are wrong. If you want to try raising a small herd of cattle on your own property, then you should take heed of the things mentioned above and you will do just fine.



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